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Final Research Paper If youd like to see a bigger version

    Final Research Paper If you’d like to see a bigger version of this tutorial, please click here. In the Final Research Paper, you will examine your ownculture from an etic (outsider’s) perspective and another culture froman emic (insider’s) perspective to demonstrate your understanding ofcultural relativism and examine misconceptions and ethnocentric beliefsconcerning each of these cultures. Keep the distinction between culturalrelativism and moral relativism in mind as you write your final paper.Even if you do not personally agree with a cultural practice,demonstrate your understanding of the practice in its cultural context.Avoid opinionated or judgmental language in your paper.Cultural relativism is the idea that the beliefs andpractices of a culture should be understood within the context of thatparticular culture’s background, history, and current eventssurrounding it. We should not ethnocentrically impose our own beliefsand opinions, which are products of our own enculturation.Cultural relativism is not the same as moral relativism, however. As Crapo (2013) notesWe need not, for instance, come to value infanticide inorder to understand the roles it may play in peoples’ lives in a societywhere it is customary. What cultural relativism requires of us issimply that we do not confuse our own feelings about such a custom withunderstanding it. To do the latter, we must investigate the meaningsthe custom has for those who practice it and the functions it mayfulfill in their society. (section 1.4, “Cultural Differences: CulturalRelativism,” para. 3)Keep the distinction between cultural relativism and moralrelativism in mind as you write your Final Research Paper. Even if youdo not personally agree with a cultural practice, demonstrate yourunderstanding of the practice in its cultural context. Avoidopinionated or judgmental language in your paper.Your Final Research Paper will consist of two main parts, framed by an Introduction and a Conclusion. See the Final Paper Flow Chart for a quick overview of the assignment. See the following instructions for information on each part of the paper.IntroductionBegin with an introductory paragraph that has a thesisstatement at the end. The introduction should set up your topic, givinga preview and summary of the analysis you will present in the body ofthe paper. The thesis statement is the last sentence or two of theintroduction and states what the main point structuring your paper willbe.Here is an Example of an Introduction.Part IUsing the article by Miner (1956) and the feedback youreceived from your instructor on your worksheet in Week Three, describeone aspect of your own culture from an etic perspective. See theappropriate Sections in the Textbook in the List of Topics,based on your chosen topic from Week Three, for information on how toapproach your paper from an anthropological perspective. You candescribe American culture in general, as Miner does, or you candescribe an American subculture, such as a specific geographical group(e.g., New Yorkers), a particular ethnicity (e.g., African Americans),or an age-related category of Americans (e.g., millennials).Use reputable statistics and/or scholarly research tosupport any factual statements. Do not rely solely on personalexperience or opinion. Here is an Example of Part I.Part II Refer to the article you chose for Part II of the worksheetassignment in Week Three and describe an aspect of another culture froman emic (insider’s) perspective. You do not have to do research beyondreading your chosen article; however, if you do choose to conductadditional research make sure to use reputable statistics and/orscholarly sources to support any factual statements. Do not rely uponpersonal experience or opinion.Here is an Example of Part II. ConclusionEnd with a concluding paragraph that reinforces your thesis.Summarize and tie together your main points for the reader. Provide abrief self-reflexive analysis of what you learned while writing thispaper.Here is an Example of Conclusion.The Final Research PaperMust be five to six double-spaced pages in length(excluding title page and references page, meaning it will be seven toeight pages total), and formatted according to APA style as outlined inthe Ashford Writing Center (see the APA Essay Checklist for Students).Must include a title page (see title page) with the following:Title of paperStudent’s nameCourse name and numberInstructor’s nameDate submittedMust begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.Must have well-structured body paragraphs with cleartransitions from one topic to the next. Incorporate in-text citations(see In-Text Citation Guide) from your scholarly sources to support your analysis throughout the paper.Must describe an aspect of your own culture from an etic perspective for Part I.Must describe an aspect of another culture from an emic perspective for Part II.Must demonstrate a perspective of cultural relativism throughout, avoiding judgmental and opinionated language.Must end with a conclusion that that reinforces the thesis and provides a self-reflexive analysis.Must use at least one scholarly resource in addition tothe textbook, the Miner article, and the article chosen from the listin Part II of the Week Three assignment.Must document all sources in APA style in the body ofthe paper and on the references page as outlined in the Ashford WritingCenter.Must include a separate References Page that isformatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford WritingCenter. Here is an Example of a References Page.

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