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Final Project – Integrated Promotional Plan Objective Stud

    Final Project – Integrated Promotional Plan Objective Students (individually) must develop and submit an originally written paper in the style of research report in promotional strategy. The paper must be about an intangible product to promote. Promoting intangible products comprises opinion, knowledge, advising and/or idea selling. Good candidates for the final project may include, but they are not limited to: Consulting serviceLegal counselEducationEntertainment The project will incorporate a specific issue concerning the development and implementation of an integrated promotional program as an application of the theory discussed in the reading and/or discussions. Collection of data and analysis are major features of the project. Instructions Select an existing specific business with promotional operations. Doing a search of current events in major business news publications may help inspire a business context in one of the above topics.Students will conduct research to determine consumer insights with regards your selected intangible product. (This is your primary research question). The report should include brief background information and qualitative and/or quantitative data that is relevant to your product. The bulk of the writing should profile a real issue within the context of your chosen product. You will likely have to consult business news publications, academic articles, credible online source, and other reliable sources of information.Based on research findings, provide recommendations for advertising and/or promotion to your selected intangible product. According to the overview of advertising and sales promotion topics covered during the second part of the semester, what specific advertising/promotional tools would you recommend in order to make the promotional campaign successful? In particular, consider and discuss at least two of the following tools: Internet advertisingDirect marketingSales promotionsSponsorshipPR and corporate advertising Technical Specifications There is no minimum length requirement for this report. However, a typical submission will contain at least 1,500 words. Projects containing less than 1,500 words generally will not contain enough information and analysis to earn passing grades.As customary, use 12-font Times New Roman and double space.Use headings and subheadings thoughtfully and appropriately.Please submit either a word document (.doc, .docx) or pdf document (.pdf).All unquoted writing must be original. So, make sure that any “borrowed” text is clearly quoted in quotation marks and its source is cited. Please refer to the “Academic Integrity” portion of the syllabus for related information.Each submission must contain a formatted and complete references section at the end. The specific formatting style is your choice, but each source must include an author, publication title, publication date, and any other relevant information (e.g., website, publisher, etc.). Short, in- text citations must be used in the main body of the report to inform the reader of the sources of information used.The report must be professional in appearance and content, including containing correct spelling, grammatical, and other technical writing criteria.Your final project should be submitted via Blackboard-Assignments/Projects tab.

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