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Evaluating the causality of an exposure–outcome associatio

    Evaluating the causality of an exposure–outcome association requires the following: An understanding of the body of literature on the topic The application of a causal inference modelThe relationship between smoking and lung cancer occurrence is considered causal, in part because multiple studies have shown that it meets all of the Bradford Hill Criteria of causality (although that may not be the only causal model that fits the data). Choose an epidemiologic association you believe may be causal. Identify three or more epidemiological journal articles about the association; one of the selected articles must be a review article. Then, using the Learning Resources, consider the following three models of causality: the Bradford Hill Criteria, Rothman’s Sufficient Component Cause Model, and the consideration of Counterfactuals.Post an identification of the causal inference model that you believe is the best fit for the epidemiological association you chose. Explain how that model addresses causal inference. Provide specific examples from the epidemiological research you selected. Finally, explain which criteria from the model might be missing empirical evidence that would strengthen your conclusion. Justify your explanations and choice of model using the Learning Resources and the articles you selected.Discussion MUST be at least 700 words

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