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Evaluate your Week 5 individual Inferential Statistics and F

    Evaluate your Week 5 individual Inferential Statistics and Findings assignment paper and spreadsheetComplete the cumulative Business Research Project by combining all parts into a 1,300- word paper by collaborating the following:An inconclusive result is acceptable for this project. Should that be the case, suggest potential future research efforts and a new research questions that might provide more definitive results.Recommendations based on the resultsObservations (reflection) on the business problem and its solutionResearch challenges your team experienced in this studySteps to minimize challenges in future researchSuggested future research based on your research results, challenges, and implicationsFormat your Business Research Report consistent with APA guidelines.USING THE BELOW ATTACHMENTS FROM MY BUSINESS PROJECT THROUGHOUT THE COURSE, ANSWER THE ABOVE 6 BULLET POINTS IN 1,300 OR MORE WORDS. ALL THE MATERIAL YOU NEED IS FOUND IN THE ATTACHMENTS.EVERYTHING YOU WILL NEED IS IN THE BELOW ATTACHMENTS. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. THANK YOU. PLEASE INCLUDE 2 REFERENCES

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