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Ethics arenot just abstract concepts; they are part of who w

    Ethics arenot just abstract concepts; they are part of who we are. During ourdaily personal and professional interactions, we are faced withnumerous challenges in practicing these concepts. Common ethicalchallenges often involve a balancing of beneficence and nonmaleficence,which are foundational definitions of ethics. This balance is betweenbenefits and risks, and it plays a role in nearly every clinicaldecision you will make.From developing treatment planningchoices, office practices such as confidentiality and record keeping,and other professional behaviors, ethics provides the framework fordefining how we should do what we do. However, the counseling field isnot immune from a myriad of ethical challenges that requireprofessional counselors to understand how ethics guides theirprofession. When providing counseling services to clients, counselorsmust also consider the implications of law and cultural competence inthe profession. Ethics provides the foundation for working with allclients, however, counselors must apply the foundational definitions ofethics within the constraints of law and cultural competence.Understanding and integrating ethics, law, and cultural competence inday-to-day activities is a skill that all professional counselors shouldadopt. Post by Day 2 apprehensions orchallenges about ethics and law related to your future counselingpractice and explain why. Then provide two foundational definitions ofethics related to counseling and explain the importance of both.Finally, explain the evolving relationship between ethics, law, andcultural competence in counseling.Be sure to use the Learning Resources and the current literature to support your response.Respond by Day 4 to a colleague who had a different perspective on the evolving relationship between ethics, law, and cultural competence.300 WORDS DISCUSSION AND CLOSING ACCT TO MUCH FRADULANT ACTIVITY

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