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Each student will complete a 3 page reflection paper (double

    Each student will complete a 3 page reflection paper (double-spaced, 12 point font) intended to integrate the student’s Service Learning experience with theological reflection. Given the student’s Service Learning placement at Church World Service, the student selects a specific theological theme/concept from THE 201 that applies to his/her Service Learning experience.  Within this context, the student reflects upon this theme/concept and illustrates the relationship between the two.  For this class in particular concepts related to community, Kingdom of God, love, image of God are especially significant.A complete paper would include the student’s description of their particular Service Learning placement and duties in detail, an academic presentation of the theological theme/concept chosen to illustrate the Service Learning experience, and a clearly articulated demonstration of how pertinent details from the Service Learning experience supports, connects to or challenges the points of this theme/concept.  Properly integrated citations from assigned readings are encouraged.  Some of the specific theological themes/concepts may include (but not be limited to):creationimage of GodrevelationscripturetraditionsingracediscipleshipThe service learning was working with refugees showing them bus routes, setting them up for a welcoming party, and interacting with them.

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