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Each has to be a paragraph.Question 1Successful project mana

    Each has to be a paragraph.Question 1Successful project management requires a clear and approved plan, aswell as fluid communication between the project team members andstakeholders. Included in these groups are the project manager,functional managers, functional employees, senior staff, and of coursethe customer. Project managers are responsible for all elements of theproject and they must continuously balance outcomes, schedules, andresources in order to accomplish the project’s objective within the timeand budget guidelines.Identify and discuss a successful project and anunsuccessful project with which you are familiar. (If not familiar,conduct research)Include what you would say distinguishes the two, both in terms of the process used to develop them and their outcomes?Some concepts to consider as you are researching this project involve the following keywords:Project efficiencyImpact on customerBusiness success, and/or future planning.Question 2Read the case history and discuss the Management strategy thatresulted in Reader’s Digest’s bankruptcy.How would you change thestrategy that resulted from the bankruptcy?Case Study – A Reader’s Digest That Grandma Never Dreamed Of or

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