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DUE SUNDAY 11/20/16 BY 10AMInstead of writing an essay paper

    DUE SUNDAY 11/20/16 BY 10AMInstead of writing an essay paper, you will create a Power Point presentation on mental illness (bipolar disorder)detailing what you uncovered during the process of research. (100 pts). Use the following guidelines for the actual presentation. Please note, presentations that do not adhere to these guidelines will receive a zero. If you do not provide references for your presentation or they are not empirical sources (e.g., you include wikipedia as a source), then you will also receive a zero.1. LENGTH: Your Power Point presentation must be between 15-22 slides.2. FONT: Use one of the following fonts: Arial, Bell MT, Book Antique, Calibrie, Georgia, Tahoma, or Times New Roman. Please DO NOT MIX fonts. Using too many fonts can look messy. SIZE: Fonts in the body section of each slide must be between 22-28pt font size only.3. IMAGES: You must use at least 5 images related to your topic — one image on a slide. You do NOT need an image on every slide. Your content/information is more important than the images, so do not go overboard or spend too much time searching for the ‘perfect’ image. GRAPHS, etc: Higher grades will be assigned to presentations that incorporate graphs, tables, or diagrams. You can often find graphs online versus creating your own. Just be sure to cite the source on the same slide (remember. . .academic honesty! :).Note: Be tasteful. Shock value does not win you brownie-points. Presentations which contain graphic adult images will receive a zero. 4. SLIDES: You may choose any slide design/color. Just be sure slides are neat and easy to read. Slide 1: Title slide with your name, title, class, and a picture of yourself.Slide 2: State your research question & why you chose your specific topic.Slides 3 – 13+: This is the body of your work and shows key information you discovered about your topic. You may begin by defining key terms and/or discussing the incidence or prevalence of the issue. For example, if you are discussing eating disorders in male athletes, you might begin by defining the eating disorders and stating the most common ones diagnosed. Next, you might address the prevalence of eating disorders in male athletes and common characteristics of male athletes likely to suffer from these disorders. Depending on the reason you wanted to research this, you might then focus on specifc factors contributing to this disorder in male athletes, why it is on the rise or decrease (only you will know because you are researching it :), etc or you might focus on treatment for male athletes and how this may differ from treatments used for females or maybe the need to develop treatments that target male athletes due to a lack of treatments currently validated for male athletes.Important: Although this is a Power Point presentation versus a paper, you must still show where you found the information used to create each slide. Note teh source of your inforamtion on each slide. If everything on the slide came from one source, list that source on the bottom of the slide — i.e., (Source: Johnson, 2007). If the slide includes information from multiple sources, list all the sources. The format here is less important. Just be sure to include your sources so I can cross-check information. Closing 2-3 slides: Conclusion. How can this information be used/applied in the ‘real world.’ These are important slides. You may also discuss what you found most surprising. Lastly, if anything in your research helped you understand something that has happened in your own life or to better anticipate something in the future, state that here.Very last slide: References. List all sources used in your research on one slide. You must use at least 4 empirical sources. You may also use data from the following websites (and ONLY these websites): National Institute of Health, National Sleep Foundation, U.S. Census Data, and Department of Health and Human Services. These websites can only account for 2 of the at least 4 empirical sources. Other websites require approval. You CANNOT USE wikipedia,, blogs, or fluff websites. Also, be careful when running across advocacy sites as they will often skew and exaggerate stats to support their claim/program, which is why you can look at them, but I do not accept them as scholarly sources. The font on this page can be smaller so you can fit everything on one slide. See the following website for format examples: (Links to an external site.)Part of your grade will depend on the sources you choose, so choose wisely. 5. OTHER: This is NOT a persuasive project or a compare/contrast project. You are not debating abortion, sexuality, etc. here. Before you engage in sound debate, you need accurate information. This presentation shows me that you can locate reputable sources and build a sound understanding of a concept, pattern, or problem versus blindly accepting soundbytes of info posted on shallow websites. Points will be deducted for spelling errors and grammar mistakes.

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