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Do not copy from online or from the exampleIts just a paragr

    Do not copy from online or from the exampleIts just a paragraph that I want you to revise it as Essay and there is an example with the same paragraph I will post it as file, but please do not write the same of the example. Also try your best because I have to get an A+ on this assignment.the Paragraph: Mr Marriott, my math teacher for all four years in high school, was a very demanding teacher. He expected perfection in all daily assignments in all courses, from intermediate algebra to college algebra. Assuming that we had all learned to add subtract, multiply and divide in the lower grades, he tolerated no inaccurate calculations. The smallest error always cost us four points our of a possible ten, and using the wrong formula was the quickest way to get an F. But he did not accept memorized formulas. Instead, he expected every student to understand the principle behind the formula, to know when to use it, and to know how to use it. We had to analyze the problems and gather the data necessary to reach the correct conclusions. The more math courses Itook from Mr. Marriott, the more demanding he became. In tenth grade he required extensive collateral reading for plane geometry. He would explain some principle in class, then give us extra reading which covered this same principle. Once a week he would write formula on the blackboard and list the books where we could find information about it. Everybody did the reading because in a couple of days he might give us a quiz on this material. Sometimes at the end of class he would give us a list of supplemental readings on whatever we had been discussing. In my final math course, college algebra, Mr. Marriott assigned several research papers. Sometimes he would make specific assignment like ‘Formulate an equation for a circle in 3-dimension’ or ‘Write a short paper on some math genius,’ or he would let us choose from a list of subjects. All of these papers were due a couple of days after they were assigned. In my final course Mr Marriott required a research paper of 500 words or more. We could choose any topic related to mathematics. I chose mathematical logic and wrote about symbolic logic. I did not realize the full value of this paper until the next year in college when I took a course in logic that covered most of the material in my paper. Though we sometimes thought Mr. Marriott was too strict, we learned a lot of mathematics.

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