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    DISCUSSION SUMMARY POST (SEE LINK TO CREATE A SUMMARY POST FOR WEEK 5):Weekly summaries are required in this course and count as class participation. Your weekly summaries are required to be a minimum of 50-80 words in length. DISCUSSION (COMPLETE A RESPONSE):This week we studied about environment theory and what it means in criminology. Environmental theory focuses on why a person commits a certain crime and why he or she didn’t commit the other crime. How did he or she choose which crime to commit and where to commit the crime. Environmental theorists believe that criminals are motivated to commit the crimes they commit. There are three theories environmental, routine activity, and rational. Clark and Cornish had the rational theory that believes people make decisions to maximize their pleasure. Cohen and Felson believe in the routine activity theory which is changes in the lifestyle. The increase in no one being home and less neighborhood watches helps to make someone’s house a target for a criminal. People sometimes place themselves at risk to be victimized. Changes in caretakers at home and property being easy to transport is also a reason for an increase in crime. Environmental things can motivate people to commit crimes.CLASSMATE DISCUSSION (COMPLETE A RESPONSE):This question to me is kind of vague… and I say this because you have asked do people change and you put in the question or do they seem to appear different based off life circumstances? My confusion came with ‘life circumstances’ what life circumstances? Nonetheless Change is not easy to do, one must want to change and have the discipline to do it.Not saying that change is completely impossible but I believe people can change. A great example would my grandmother for instance, she use to do drugs when she was younger, got in some trouble and was basically in the streets. She could turn her life around and entered rehab for her drug addiction and became a new woman she had no longer done drugs; she took custody of both me and my little sister and she began working a great job.So, when I say change is possible It’s only possible if that person is welcoming change and that is very important to know. You can’t force anyone to change because you want them to I have been there and done that and you will realize it’s complete waste of time. I have also realized once people change they try hard to their other habits or ways because they have worked so hard to become a better personCLASSMATE DISCUSSION-CURRENT EVENTS (COMPLETE A RESPONSE):This is the first I have heard of this particular story. This was a terrible tragedy and an awful thing for this man to do. Evidently someone tried to give him a second chance by allowing him to become a real estate agent after he was released from prison however, this man chose not to stay on a straight and clean path of not committing crimes. This man chose to kill 4 people and bury them on his property in which he bought in 2014. He kidnapped this lady and chained her up in a container and shot her boyfriend. This criminal is a repeat offender and does not have no remorse for his actions I do not believe. He did not learn anything while being incarcerated after being charged with kidnapping in the 1980’s. The police are still trying to locate the bodies of the other two people he says are buried on this property and having to investigate to see just how long the bodies have been buried there. This man does not think about the consequences of his actions before he commits a crime or the fact that he is hurting other people while committing this crime. His victims are brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, friends, etc, but he does not think about that he is just thinking about how he will feel after he commits this crime. People such as this man should be locked up for a long time without parole or being released because he had a second chance at making his life better and chose not to fulfill it. This case has a lot of investigation that has to be completed on it and it is a terrible story for the investigators to have to continue to investigate.

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