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Discussion post neededPost 1Periodically, congress attempt

    Discussion post needed:Post 1:Periodically, congress attempts to formulate and pass additional Cyber Security legislation. In 2015, the focus was on improving information sharing between government agencies and private entities to combat cyber threats.Please review this legislative proposal and provide your assessment of the bill’s pros/cons and the impact it will have on privacy and the Internet. Keep in mind there are other cybersecurity related bills that have been or will be proposed in the near future. Do some research and compare and contrast the intent of other pieces of cyber security legislation that are relevant to the discussion. Please remember to cite your sources.Post 2:What integration issues do merging companies face? What techniques can a security professional use to ease cultural differences? How would the security professional bring together both IT teams so they feel comfortable? One of the most ‘invisible’ barriers to success is the feeling of other IT professionals or teams ‘loss of control’. How can you ease fears and build a positive team?

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