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Discussion ONEMANAGEMENT FUTUREIn what ways do you think th

    Discussion ONE:MANAGEMENT FUTUREIn what ways do you think the manager’s job will be different in 20 years than it is today? How can you prepare for that future?Discussion ONE Reply: (Repy to this)I believe there will be some big changes in the workplace in the next 20 years. One major one will be the continued advancement of technology. With the growth of technology people will not longer move up the ‘corporate ladder’ but move more like a grid (Fox, O’Connor, 2015). For an employee to grow within a company in the future they will need to learn new roles, new skills, and reach out to new networks. They will need to acquire a portfolio of transferrable skills. I feel this will effect the manager’s job of staffing. There will be less people to staff and the ones that will be needed will more than likely need to have a strong understanding of the new technologies that will be in place. Another change in the upcoming future will be the retiring of the baby boomers and the millennial generation taking over. As a whole they will require that they have more freedom and less control over them than the baby boomers (Fox, O’Connor, 2015). I believe that this will effect a manager’s ability to lead. It could be positive in that a manage will easily be able to encourage an employee to work independently and achieve the company’s goals. However, it could cause an issue if the employee is unwilling to take direction. For me to prepare for the future I need to be aware of the changes happening and adjust to them. That may be by continuing my education or branching out into another career direction. Reference:Fox,K., & O’Connor,J. (2015, November 29). Five Ways Work will Change in the Future. Retrieved November 20, 2016, from www.theguardian.com_______________________________________________________________________________________________________Discussion TWO:DEFECTIVE AGREEMENTSMistakes happen, often times with little to no consequences. Unfortunately in the world of contract law, mistakes can be rather costly. Depending on the type of mistake, the contract may or may not be voided.This week you learned about which type of mistakes will be upheld and which ones that are voidable. For your initial post this week, discuss whether or not contracts should be voided based on mistakes. Provide an example of a mistake in contracting that would allow for it to be voided. Feel free to get creative with your example.

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