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Directions Read the sentences below and do the following1)

    Directions: Read the sentences below and do the following:1) underline the subjects in each sentence once and bold the verbs2) identify whether each sentence is an RTS or ok,3) explain why you think this.Example: I don’t usually watch reality TV I do love Project Runway. RTS because there is no joining word to join the two clauses.1. At the beginning of the season there are fourteen aspiringfashion designers, in the end only three people get to show at OlympusFashion Week in New York.2. The supermodel Heidi Klum hosts, famous designers serve as guest judges.3. The contestants must take the design challenges seriously every week the loser goes home.4. Some of the contestants have huge egos, they are unnecessarily competitive.5. I don’t have TiVo, so I am going to my friend’s house to watch the season finale.6. She needed a part-time job, books and tuition were expensive this year.

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