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Directions After reading the sample counterargument paragra

    Directions: After reading the sample counterargument paragraph below, answer the questions that follow it.Critics argue that the reason why some terminally ill patientswish to commit suicide is nothing more than melancholia. Patientssuffering terminal illness might tend to be negative, hopeless, anddepressed. In ‘When Patients Request Assistance with Suicide,’ Dr.Michael Maskin, an associate professor of clinical psychiatry atColumbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, argues that in manycases, dying patients’ thinking is simply occupied by negative reactionsto their critical condition (1999). In other words, most of the reasonswhy terminally ill patientsrequest doctors to assist them incommitting suicide might be caused by certain problems related to theirillness. For example, they may be experiencing problems such ashopelessness because there is no effective treatment, anxiety overdoctors’ very expensive fees, and regret for their family’s burden oftaking care of them (Maskin, 1999). For this reason, opponents arguethat the terminally ill patient needs psychotherapy. Therefore, peoplewho oppose doctor-assisted suicide believe that these patients are muchtoo depressed to make a logical decision.1. What is this paragraph about?2. Who is the expert?3. What is the name of the article that the expert’s opinion is taken from?4. When was this article published?5. What does the expert argue?6. What examples are used to support the expert’s opinion?7. Based on the examples, what do the critics argue that dying people need?8. What conclusion is reached?

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