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Create a Infographic based on the research below for the com

    Create a Infographic based on the research below for the company Mattel-Toys (Please see attached) for further direction.The 1 page Infographic should include research information regarding Mattel-Toys (see below)Mattel Toy Manufacturing is the company I chose for my competitive analysis (CA) subject. I am going to focus my research on fact finding, reviewing sales and how they have changed over a period of 5+ years. I will display my results in a clear chart showing sales figures over time based off of research and financial statements. I chose Mattel the toy manufacturer because Barbie has always been a favorite of mine and now that I have my own daughter and she shares the same love for Barbie, I would like to review how the company is progressing now and what the future may hold for Barbie- Mattel, as it would be a sad day if Barbie no longer existed. I also chose Mattel as I find it interesting that Mattel posted a surprise increase in quarterly net sales, its first rise in more than two years, as sales of its Barbie dolls recovered and demand rose for its Hot Wheels toys. Preforming my fact finding research I will discover why net sales increased and what Mattel plans to do to continue in a positive direction.

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