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Consider the following scenarioYou are working with the Ros

    Consider the following scenario:You are working with the Rosales family. They have been referred to your agency for food assistance. The family recently emigrated from Mexico after Mr. Rosales lost his job. At present they are living with Mrs. Rosales’s cousins and Uncle in Phoenix. Mr. Rosales worked as an auto mechanic. His wife Salina is a homemaker but occasionally sold fruits and vegetables from a roadside stand. They have two children, Jose age 7 and Esmerelda age 10. Esmerelda speaks some English as does her father. Mrs. Rosales speaks no English and her 7-year-old son is beginning to learn English.At present, Mr. and Mrs. Rosales are struggling to maintain basic needs for their family.In a 1-2 page paper address the following:Discuss the salient features from this case scenarioAs the human service worker, what would be your first course of action?Discuss strategies for communicating with this family in order to build trust and get them to engageIdentify a minimum of four concepts and definitions from at least 3 of your human services courses. Describe how you would utilize those concepts to solve the problem.(Please note that by the course project’s completion you must make reference to concepts and definitions from all your Rasmussen curriculum e.g. Human Behavior, Theoretical Service Delivery, Research, Human Sexuality etc…)Discuss long-term goals for this family and any other needs that should be addressed. Be specific. Give examples.

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