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Consider the following scenario. As you read, think about wh

    Consider the following scenario. As you read, think about which sections might be considered constitutional or unconstitutional:The Lee St. Neighborhood Committee, a nonprofit privateorganization, has been around for over 50 years. Their mission is to:“provide a safe, clean, and beautiful area for the residents of Lee St.”The committee organizes efforts to keep the streets clear of debris, tokeep neighborhood watch, and to enhance the beautification ofneighborhood lawns and parks. When the committee was formed, it was runsolely by volunteers. However, last year, the district that includes LeeSt. was declared a “Historical District” by town officials. The townlegislature approved the following statute with the support of The LeeSt. Neighborhood Committee:Section 1: Maintenance and Rulemaking Authority: The Lee St.Neighborhood Committee shall be responsible for the care and maintenanceof Lee St. The Lee St. Neighborhood Committee shall establish a Boardof Commissioners to oversee its management. The Board of Commissionersmay make rules necessary to the effective enforcement of this provision.In its rule making, the Board shall maintain the cleanliness, safety,and beautification of Lee St., while taking into consideration theaesthetic desires of the entire Historical District. The board shallcomply with all Historical District rules, specifically, but not limitedto, Christmas and lawn decorations. The board may not institute orenforce any disciplinary rules, whether new or existing.Section 2: Violations of Rules: Hearings Violations of statutescan be penalized with immediate removal of violating property (i.e.Christmas lights in place after January 15) and/or a $500 fine shall beheard by administrative law judges appointed by the president of theHistorical District. Such hearings shall be conducted in accordance withstate and federal constitutional and statutory laws. Section 3: Appeals: Appeals of final decisions by theadministrative law judges provided for in section 2 shall be to thepresidents of both the Historical District and the Lee St. Boards. Theorders of this action are final.Compare and contrast the three sections.Which are constitutional and which are unconstitutional?What scope and/or limitations were exceeded in the unconstitutional actions?

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