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Based on the description of the case determine the mission s

    Based on the description of the case determine the mission statement, objectives and system boundary of database project for The University Accommodation Office Case Study.Identify the userviews and data entities they are interested in. Create Cross-reference of user views with main types of data used by each user group.Complete the conceptual design of the data base using the top-down design approach. Identify each entity (class), the key attributes and other attributes to meet the current and long term needs of the The University Accommodation Office Case Study. You must enter short description of each entity (class) and attributes (in a separate word document). Draw UML Class Diagram (using UML class diagram notations provided by Visio). Make and list appropriate assumptions about the business rules. Document and justify each of the design decisions made.Map the above model to relational tables. Identify primary and foreign keys.Use the bottom-up design approach to get the third normal form relational database design. Use each of the user requirements including reports, forms, screens, files and transaction requirements as user views to be normalized. Integrate the normalized tables arrived from the analysis of each views.Compare the relational tables arrived from top-down and bottom-up approaches and resolve and differences. The final relational design should be in third normal form. Clearly identify primary and foreign keys.Validate your design to ensure that all user views can be recreated

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