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AT LEAST 100 WORDS EACHPOST 1Yes this gives the inmate some

    AT LEAST 100 WORDS EACHPOST 1:Yes this gives the inmate some clarity and to view religious beliefs. The inmate may find attending mass to help them find them selfs and the wrong doings they have committed. If a inmate refuses to attend you cant force them to or a religion on anyone. i went through the whole religion phase i was baptist ed Lutheran and converted to catholic for my parents not really a decision i wanted but it made my father happy. It is a really great idea for the prisoners to explore religion as i did , it gives you the chance to choose for yourself.POST 2:The Warden explained religion in the prison system perfectly. Inmates cannot be deprived of their right to practice their religion and the prisons cannot push any religion on to the inmates. It does pose a threat for the correctional officers, since the prison has to accommodate for several different types of religions.POST 3:Everyone~ When it comes to accommodating religious customs such as Ramadan, how far can a prison go without seeming to be too accommodating?POST 4:This video explained itself basically, you want to keep the inmates on death row separated from the other inmates because they could escape and on death row its a much tighter security. Also its a risk to put them in the same facility as other inmates.

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