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Assignment 1TheImpact of PornographyDetailWilsons theory an

    Assignment 1TheImpact of PornographyDetailWilson’s theory and etiology of Internet pornography addiction. Listat least three reasons pornography’s impact may be harmful toindividuals and couples, and potential strategies for prevention,intervention, and treatment. Additionally, list three reasonspornography may not be harmful and may actually be helpful toindividuals and couples. After listing pros and cons, share your ownbeliefs regarding the impact of pornography. Support your thoughtswith cited literature.Assignment 2exualDysfunctions and DSM-5Reviewthe sexual dysfunctions listed in the DSM-5,then choose one and develop a hypothetical case based on thatdysfunction. Integrating the material presented in the first studyactivity for this unit and the DSM-5,identify potential strategies for treatment, as well as reflect onchallenges you may experience working with the client. Discuss howyou might address those challenges.Assignment 3Addictedto SexSallypresents for counseling and states, ‘I am addicted to sex.’She says that she knows this because she took a quiz on the Internetand received a score that read, ‘Go see a counselor.’Additionally, she states that it is not uncommon for her to go homefrom the bar with strangers simply to have sex. She states she thinksabout sex all the time and masturbates when she cannot have sex. Shesometimes looks at pornography on the Internet but states, ‘I ammore interested in reality than fantasy.’ She does acknowledgethat she was in trouble twice at work for pornography on hercomputer. She states that she pays for sex at least 3–4 times amonth. She says that she has been this way ever since she canremember. She is worried that if her partner finds out, she ‘willbe in big trouble!’Whatis Sally’s potential DSM-5diagnosis,and what do you suggest for treatment? Be sure to address if Sallyneeds a referral for medication.

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