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AboutHarry Potter (any one)In a 4-5-page paper, briefly sum

    About:Harry Potter (any one)In a 4-5-page paper, briefly summarize the theme (one paragraph),and then analyze the dynamics of the group according to these criteria:What werethe goals of the group?What werethe norms of the group?Whowas/were leaders and what was each one’s source of power and influence?What stagedid the group get to? How did you reach that conclusion?How weredecisions made?What didconflicts arise over? How were they handled?How werethe group members’ resources utilized?Analyze these dynamics from the standpoint ofthe group as a whole, not the various story lines.Also include what new things this movietaught you about groups, and how you can incorporate these learnings into yourbehavior in future groups.

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