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11) Which one of the following is most likely to be involved

    11) Which one of the following is most likely to be involved in the process that results in the Defense Appropriations Act? Congressional Budget Office House Armed Services Committee Senate Budget Committee Senate Appropriations Committee 12) A contract funded with FY 2006 Aircraft Procurement, Navy funds was finally closed out in May 2019. At this time, it was discovered that the contractor was still owed $350,000 for work performed on the contract. What appropriations could be used to pay this bill during FY 2019? Select all that apply. FY 2006 Aircraft Procurement, Navy FY 2019 Aircraft Procurement, Navy FY 2017 Aircraft Procurement, Navy FY 2019 Weapons Procurement, Navy 13) Match each of the following types of contract data with the section of the uniform contract in which it is likely to be found: a) Section G b) Section C c) Section I d) Section A Statement of Objectives a b c d DFAS Paying Office a b c d Limitation of Government Obligation Clause a b c d Contract Issuing Office a b c d 14) Which of the following statements concerning the Contract Funds Status Report (CFSR) is TRUE? Shows Earned Value to date by Work Breakdown Structure element Shows spending on a particular contract Shows all values at cost (without appropriate profit or fee added) May not be tailored to delete requirements from its Data Item Description 15) Reimbursable orders are recorded as obligations when: (select one) The ordering activity delivers the order to the providing activity The providing activity awards a contract to a third party to perform the work ordered The providing activity performs the work or delivers the product ordered The providing activity accepts the order in writing 16) All of the following may occur for acquisition programs whose actual obligations and expenditures appear to be significantly lower than their planned levels EXCEPT: (select one) Have some or all of their funds reprogrammed in the year of execution to meet other needs Keep all or most of their funds if they can show that unusual problems are causing their actuals to appear lower than they really are Keep all or most of their funds by claiming that the variance is due to normal backlog in the disbursing office Have their budget requests for future years adjusted by Component or OSD budget analysts 17) Which one of the following is most likely to provide the Navy’s primary interface with the House Appropriations Committee? Chief of Naval Operations Naval Inspector General Chief of Navy Legislative Affairs Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management and Comptroller) 18) During FY 2014, the REDBIRD program desires to spend $4 million for an initial research and development contract. $2 million more will be needed in FY 2015 to complete the contract. The REDBIRD program was not funded in any previous year and was not included in the President’s Budget submission for FY 2014. Before it can spend any money, the REDBIRD program must: Appeal to the Appropriations Conference Notify Congress in writing, wait 30 days, then proceed Obtain written approval from Congress Obtain a waiver from the Secretary of Defense 19) The authorization phase of the congressional budget enactment process: Involves the Armed Services Committees of the House and the Senate Was established by the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 Provides budget authority for acquisition programs Is required by the Constitution 20) An ACAT I program is just starting its Production and Deployment acquisition phase. Which one of the following reports is the program LEAST likely to be required to submit? Unit Cost Report Selected Acquisition Report Congressional Acquisition Executive Summary Defense Acquisition Executive Summary 21) Which one of the following best describes the purpose of the Statement of Work? List the FAR clauses applicable to the contract Specify the price of each contract deliverable Identify the tasks to be performed and the outer limits of the contractor’s effort Provide broad goals to be met by the acquisition

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