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1. What is the basic user interface building block within An

    1. What is the basic user interface building block within Android?a. Seekbarb. The View classc. Intentd. The Activity class2. What is a term used in typography that is defined in terms of the point size of a particular font?a. Toastb. Viewc. Emd. Px3. Which of the following is not a value for the autoLink attribute?a. allb. phonec. displayd. web4. Which of the following best describes what the LinearLayout control does?a. Draws its child controls in a single horizontal row or a single vertical columnb. Justifies the text of its child controlsc. Displays each child control in cells within specific rows and columnsd. Adjusts the layout vertically when the orientation of the phone is changed5. A CheckBox is an example of what?a. A tableb. A button click eventc. An APId. A buttonrefer from internet sources and below attachment

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