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1/ Take a moment to think about how you are managing your ti

    1/ Take a moment to think about how you are managing your time thissemester. Explain your approach to time management and then give anexample of a time during this semester that you used your approach – didit work well for you, or not? Why or why not? *__________________________2/ Describeyour busiest day of the week and what happens every hour of that day,from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. Review what you justwrote about your busiest day. What strategies do you have throughoutyour day that help you to maintain your focus and energy? *____________________3/ Whenand where do you study best? What atmosphere do you need in order toconcentrate and learn course material? Describe with as much detail aspossible your optimal study space. *________________________4/Whatdo you think is going to make the biggest difference for you thissemester such that you are successful in raising your GPA? *______________________5/Thinkof a motivational message that you can say to yourself when thesemester gets tough.To create one, think about things that importantpeople in your life say about you that are positive, and use that inyour motivational message (ex: mine would be ‘I am resilient – I canhandle anything!). *

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