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1). Organizations can choose to keep all of their data encry

    1). Organizations can choose to keep all of their data encrypted both in transit (when it’s being moved on a network) as well as in storage. Obviously, there are upsides to this – it’s less vulnerable to theft, among others. Comment on the tradeoffs of always-encrypted storage, considering things like scalability, reliability, cost, and the CIA triangle. 2).One of the emerging risks in the security field is highlytargeted attacks – often with a very specific piece of malware, or an attacktargeted to a specific individual in a firm. Think about this from theperspective of the attacker– what are the tradeoffs to conducting a targeted attack on a small numberof individuals, vs. a larger-scale attack on an entire company or some largegroup of consumers? Be sure to consider both the “costs” to the attacker, aswell as their potential gains. Here, a pro/con or cost/benefit table might be auseful structure for part of your answer.

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