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1).Describe in detail the different types of antecedent inte

    1).Describe in detail the different types of antecedent interventions (high-p, NCR, and FCT) that are typically used. 2.) Provide a clear example of each one and how it’s used 3.) Include an analysis as to why it is often preferable to use an antecedent intervention to resolve any problem behaviors or issues. 4.) Discuss the ethical, legal and socio-cultural issues that might apply for each of the examples provided. 5.) Be sure to provide both in-text citations and a final reference page as per APA style to support your answers throughout your work (10-15 pages not including the reference page and title page). Here are some methods to make sure the paragraph is well-developed: Use examples, Cite data (facts, statistics, evidence, details, and others) Examine testimony (what other people say such as quotes and paraphrases) Use an anecdote or story, define terms in the paragraph, Compare and contrast Evaluate causes and reasons, Examine effects and consequences Analyze the topic, Describe the topic Offer a chronology of an event (time segments) FOR THE ETHICS, SOCIO-CULTURAL, LEGAL, DISADVANTAGE AND ADVANTAGES; IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A LOT OF INFORMATION IF IT SUPPORTS WHAT WAS BEING WRITTEN ABOUT. IF POSSIBLE I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE AN EXAMPLE FOR ETHICS, SOCIO-CULTURAL, AND LEGAL. THERE ARE 3 INTERVENTIONS AND AN EXAMPLE CAN BE USED UNDER EACH ONE FOR ONE OF THESE THINGS. FOR EXAMPLE, UNDER NCR YOU WOULD DO ETHICS, UNDER HIGH-P YOU WOULD DO SOCIO-CULTURAL, AND UNDER FCT YOU WOULD DO LEGAL Please do not take examples from another cite unless you can paraphrase correctly and clearly make it as your own and put in text citations. I do not want my paper to show plagiarism higher than 15/20 percent when I use TURNITIN to check the work. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE ASSIGNMENT IF YOU CANNOT DO PROPER APA OR UNDERSTAND APA GUIDELINES. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE PAPER as well as grammar, spelling, and punctuation’s. Please make sure the margins are set correctly, 12-point font is being utilized (times new roman). If my title is too long, feel free to change it. I will tip if the paper passes through Turnitin and definatley has a correct APA format and in-text citations. Thanks.

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